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Kūlia i ka nuʻu || Strive to reach the highest

.::: R A E   K I A H A :::.

Multifaceted Artist. Intuitive. Reiki Master. Alchemist. Protector. Guide.

Life rolls in waves, bringing joy and despair, pain and comfort, shedding of layer and transcendence. Being able to share her journey brings peace and higher understanding of the world around and the world within.

She has learned she is a collective of many wonderful energies and has begun to share them through meditations, sound and energetic healing tools. The practice of transmuting negativity into positivity has been through self-care, meditation, setting boundaries, and respecting herself and others through the process of healing. 


This Virgo is a creative being by nature yet always found herself hands on in corporate life. She moved throughout technology industry as a champion for hospitality clients, is a barista and in 2020 a new road was paved into the path that long awaited joining this journey. The journey of branching out and beginning Raer Vision Alchemy as a business to be of service to family, friends, community and land.

Below is a podcast and two music video features. The Lokel Show reached out  a couple years back and it has been awesome to stay in touch with like-minded creatives.

Mahalo - RAE



Music Video Features.

Grateful for the talent and genius of such wonderful musicians, videographers, directors, choreographers and all behind the scenes angels doing their magic.

Life is the best when we surround ourselves with those that spark a fire within us.