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Reiki is an energetic healing technique using life force energy symbols and intention to bring balance back into the body. Reiki guides vitality back into the body. Look within to heal. Everything is energy. We are energy,  we are to care for these powerful and beautiful energies within ourselves.
Since I was a young girl my energy is something that was made aware... mostly being told to calm down. Contain. Repress. Learning how to control and work with this internal energy, while feeling the connectedness to the land and learning how to flow with the current of humanities emotions has become my art among all others. 

I share this story as there as so many of us brilliant, magnificent and creative minds that have been told to contain themselves and are looking for healthy mindful ways to process.

We lovingly release the false narratives and graciously welcome our highest path. When we can understand our energy we can take the moments that bring us high, chill and low as lessons in life.
Where will the path of your emotions to take you ? Looking forward to the road ahead. Be gentle with yourselves.

Blessings ~ A. Rae Kiaha

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