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A Rising Routine

We've all heard it. Ugh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

So how do we take care of our energy from the time that we begin our day? Think about it, even though we sleep our body gets a break but our minds are fully active. What transpired within the day or things that may have been swept under can replay while we sleep causing us a little discomfort leading us to an irritable state or maybe we wake up from a lovely slumber only to find a text message or email that spun us into a chaotic morning.

Many things can happen in a matter of an instance. As a practice I try to maintain is something that has been a small shift with a huge impact in my life and all it does is require my devotion and 5 -10 minutes each morning.


3 Things to do before getting out of bed:

  1. Keep your eyes closed for as long as you can to ease out of your dream state.

  2. Place your hands on your heart, take a deep breath into your belly and exhale.

  3. 3x Repeat 5 things that you woke up grateful for.

... and if you can't think of 5 things you are grateful for we have a bigger problem. Cause the fact that you are reading this means you already have a blessing of technology in which you need to correct your priorities okay, okay.


When we rest our bodies calm, our subconscious roams free and we dance with the divine through our dreams. Over the years, I have gone in and out of restful sleep patterns to different starts within my mornings and what I have found is that my body, my mind and the cells that fuse it all together need a slow rise.

No grabbing for my phone first thing but instead reaching my arms out to stretch.

No jumping out of bed but instead being mindful that this vehicle that gets me through life needs a moment to start pumping. If we warm our cars up after a long night of sitting in the garage then let's do the same for our bodies.

All of this is a little easier said than done as these actions need to become habits in order for it to gracefully flow into our day to day schedules. Just as the children need routine, adults do as well. For adults these self-care routines help us to maintain a healthy individual mind while also maintaining our part within the collective.

Thank you for reading beloveds and take care of yourself out there - Xo Rae

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