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Believe in yourself and all else will follow

"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably", good ol' Walt said it best. So let's believe in ourselves all the way, unquestionably, unwavering and unconditionally! Live your authentic truth and believe that you were divinely created to live in the beautiful image that you are. The imperfections. The traumas. The hardships. The heartbreaks. The triumphs.

This year has been the most challenging yet for myself and my family as grief struck our hearts for a second time within 4 years. Darkness came rolling in like crashing waves on the morning of November 11th 2018 when waking up to hearing my sister as she told me that our younger brother Kai took his life the night of November 10th 2018.

It has not even been a year yet and still the main thing that keeps me going is believing I can. I am in constant battle with my heart and mind cause I miss the energy of who my brother was and in turn I understand that we are all energy and now he is all around me.

Your are the light that will see it through. Believe in yourself and your path.

Stay up & Stay true,


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