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Energetic Connection | Elements & Self

The materials of the world and the universe reside within each of us. As we are born, as we grow, as we break, and rebuild ourselves we are reminded of our energetic connection. We are the link and passage way to the energies of our ancestors. The harshness of realities have clouded our guidance and left the roads to our destiny fighting to break light. Release the fears of judgement and feel the freedom run in the breeze.


Need a little extra element love in your life? Here are some simple fixes.

  1. Earth: Get grounded by digging your toes in the dirt, sand or just running along the grass.

  2. Air: Go on a spontaneous adventure or take a walk around the block.

  3. Fire: Burn Sage or Palo Santo, say a prayer and get to work.

  4. Water: Cry a little! Watch a movie that pulls on your heart strings or watch army parents returning home to their family's ... that one will get you every time.


Over this past year I have dove deeper into my self-care routine by getting messy in my shadow work, decoding and reprogramming to attune myself to my highest purpose. I have known in my heart since an early age that I was created to help others heal. On what platform, in what way I am still learning. I've known I am meant for something more, to be something more and to "being something" I had to learn how to "be nothing" at all.

What exactly could that mean, learning to be nothing at all? It's how I have befriended my ego and my pride instead of letting them control me. I've set respectful boundaries, expanded my consciousness through sound healing, meditation and most importantly I continue to remind myself that my emotions do not control my actions.

Being the master of our own minds means trusting in ourselves and when you feel weak or hopeless trust that you will make it through and surrender by taking the action in the flow of where life is trying to take you.




It means stop being stubborn and adjust to fall into the new alignment of your level. Leveling up is full of growing pains. This year the Universe had thrown at me every trail to test my unwavering will and determination to become a being of love and lighten myself from the burden or anger.

In doing this, I have invested back into myself by continuing my education in a variety of healing beginning with crystal, sound, chakra and reiki. I am blessed for each new day that brings me closer to my higher self.

One thing that I always remind myself in times of hopelessness and challenge is that "All this pain and discomfort will have a balance of joy as long as I see it through."

There is no cutting corners in life. The only way to get past a hardship is to get through it. Self care is a necessity not a luxury. We are the elements of this world and with those elements we can find our balance and make sense of all the moving pieces.

We have the power. Let us rise together.

For those that are reading this today I ask, do you have self care practices in place? If so, what are some practices you find helpful that start your day off right? Would love to hear from you.

- Raer Vision

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