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Pluto Goes Retro | 4.25 - 10.5

Be kind and patient with yourselves as we feel the energy of Pluto's retrograde poke at the shadows in our own darkness. As we seek the light and raise our vibrations with our footing solidly planted within Mother Goddess, we must face ourselves in our own darkness. When we can forgive, nurture, accept and love ourselves in our entirety then there is nothing to fear in the darkness.  

Pluto is the planet of Death, Rebirth and Transformation ruling pivotal points in your life. Retrograde periods are a time of reflection around the planetary energies.

Pluto kicks off the Taurus season with intense energy especially due to global circumstances. 

Take this time to tend to your physical body, tend to your thoughts, allow patience and love to speak from your lips.

This means when you are faced with obstacles and challenges, which you will be as those challenges reside within, allow yourself to observe the feelings by dissolving the EGO so that you and the other person(s) involved can truly grow and learn from the experience. This is not a time to act out like brats to get our way. If you are going to stomp your feet it better be on your way to do what you don't want to do but know what you have to do.

We have been living in comfortable bubbles for a while now. Time for everyone to join the collective effort of living and thriving. Not just surviving. Set your intentions.Practice daily gratitude and forgiveness. Joy will follow. 

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