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Super Full Moon in Libra

Ah yes that sacred balance, allowing a nurtured inner balance to bring the seeker into harmony as a bridge between the seen and unseen. Remember you are Divinely connected to Mother Earth. The positive energy of the full moon is strong and our sensitive emotions are heightened. When we become in tune with our emotions they help to guide us through the journey of releasing and receiving.

Self care is something we all need in our daily but it is a number one goal in Full Moon prep. Do yourself a favor and get in the right headspace on days with high lunar energies. Emotions like to run high which can get us feeling some type of way. When we can silence the voices of the world we can come back to our own inner voice.

Vibe Check

  • Find time to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes

  • Write in your Journal about what you are celebrating, what you are releasing and what you wish to attract.

  • After that journal entry, reflect and write a word that symbolizes what you wish to attract.

  • Cleanse your aura and your space

  • Put your crystals outside so that they can bathe under the moonlight and absorb that lunar charge.

Keep the Vibe Going

  • Place the crystals back in their respected areas of the home and your charm bag.

  • Continue to meditate daily either in silence and through movement.

  • Journaling helps bring understanding and observe mental patterns in order to nurture the self properly.

  • Practice kindness.

Sending peace and blessings to all of you beautiful abundant beings! Happy Full Moon!

Xo Rae

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